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GT2 Challenge Testevent: Last Minute Change
Montag, 29 Oktober 2007

Aston National is very much biased towards the FZR, in our practice sessions i got several complaints from FXR, XRR and even FZR drivers, that especially the FXR is way off the pace, the XRR too.
Therefor we decided with practice that we will lower the restrictions a little bit to close that gap a bit for our testevent. The FZR remaining the strongest car. So if your car decision was based on strength its still the winning car. Just the gap should be reduced. After the event we would like to get your opinion on the balancing.

New restrictions
FXR 33% + 30kg
XRR 33% + 80kg

GT2 Challenge: Changes, News and Reminder
Montag, 29 Oktober 2007

For all participants of the GT2 Challenge there are the following changes, news and reminder.

  • Serverchange: The race will take place on the Server FPR|GT2 Challenge
  • Monday-Training: The server will be password protected tonight for all participants and interested drivers of the GT2 Challenge to make it possible for everyone to have some save practice races.
  • Event-Forum: In  the navigation on the left side of our webpage under "GT2 Challenge" You can now see the submenu "Event-Forum". There you can discuss everything GT2 Challenge related.
  • Event-Password: The password for the event will be sent tomorrow at 17 UTC to all participants of the GT2 Challenge to their email adress they gave on the sign up.  Drivers who register later will get an extra mesage a few minutes before the event. Additionaly i will post the password in our new "Event Forum" in an extra thread.
  • CTRA-PB: To compare your times i will add the CTRA-PB's to our webpage. Bare in mind that those times might have been achieved with wind.
  • Result of the day: We will announce the champion of the day as well as the champions of each race. The points will be given out as follows:
    01.32 Pts
    02.31 Pts
    03.30 Pts
    32.01 Pts
  • Reminder: It only is written in the rules so i will write it again here. I want to remind you of the pit-window for the mandatory pitstop (lap3-11), you can pit earlier but it won't count for your forced pit stop. The other thing is the One-Lap-Qualy, please read the rules to know hoe it works.The startlist for the One-Lap-Qualy will be posted in the event-forum a few minutes before the start. Remember that the top 8 in race 2 will be reversed.
GT2 Challenge Testevent
Freitag, 26 Oktober 2007

On Tuesday the 30.10.2007 at 19:00 UTC FPR will start its first event. It is a testevent hopefully we will develop a season out of it. Therefor we hope we get a lot of response of you guys and a lot of sign ups. Please tell us what was good and what was bad. You can also give us improvement suggestions and hints if we missed to give you certain informations! Everyone is welcome for the event.

To sign up for the Testrace you can do so on the left hand menu under "upcoming events"

You can find all details and informations in the menu under "GT2 Challenge".


FPR|Tob#18 saves title chances in GFC
Freitag, 26 Oktober 2007

On Sunday 22.10.2007 the tenth race of the "Gentlefoot Formula Challenge" took place at Aston Grand Touring. Again only a few drivers showed up for the FO8 class. How it went for our driver you will know when you click [read more]!

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